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Sustainable, quality recycled pallets that use no new wood

We sell quality, recycled hardwood pallets to local businesses. Our sustainability commitment means every single pallet is reconditioned or mended using wood from our extensive supply stock, rather than new wood, while each pallet can be built to individual customers’ requirements. 

At Reborn Recycling Ltd, our mission is twofold: to prevent trees being cut down to manufacture new products and to give used wooden pallets a second life, either as reconditioned pallets for business or as beautiful, bespoke pieces of furniture. 


We are taking small steps to make our earth a better planet

Many businesses are moving away from the traditional “make, use, dispose” towards a circular economy of make, use, recycle. Wood recycling helps preserve forests and save the environment, which is under threat like never before. 

Of the 26 million tonnes of waste generated in the UK, 12 million tonnes is recycled, leaving a staggering 14 million tonnes headed to landfill, giving us an average recycling rate of 45%, according to We’re out to change that statistic; one pallet at a time.